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Lapping Technology

This is a type of finish that gives the surface a sleek look with faceted contours, achieving an angular look in modern and trendy crisp products.

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Metal Mould

This technique makes the piece look crisp, without compromising on the look; feather light but with a durable strength achieved at 40% of the metal weight which lowers the cost.

Different Setting Types - Uneven Pave

These are micro set diamonds with less variation in diamond sizes, along with less metal, and diversity in the sizes of diamonds. This adds versatility and an out of the box panache to your jewellery.

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Drizzle Pave

Different Setting Types - Drizzle Pave

This is a technical marvel. As a vivacious amalgamation of two settings: micro-setting in the centre with even sizes and flush setting at the edges, this gives the piece a scattered rain effect. This looks classic and elegant, yet stylish.

Different Setting Types - Bezel Setting 

This is the most protective type of setting for your precious diamonds, as the metal runs along the edge of the stones to hold it in place. The proportion of metal-to-diamond can be changed as required. This is ideal for durable, daily wear jewellery.

Honey comb setting
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Different Setting Types - Wire Wrapping

Wire Wrapping – This is a colour stone centric look, where a thin metal wire is wrapped around the colour stone. With just a subtle sliver of metal visible, this makes the vibrant colour stone pop, as the ratio of metal to colorstone is 10:90

Different Setting Types - Honey Comb Setting

Diamonds are set in a honeycomb or hexagonal pattern with a micro-setting, leading to less metal visibility. This gives jewellery a neat & clean look. The diamond sizes are the same, with no variations, to maintain a uniform & balanced brilliance.

Honey Comb Setting
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This technique adds a trendy, youthful zest to any piece, that will still have a delicate look and weight, which makes it a durable, lighter & cost-effective substitute for coloured stones.

Different Plating Techniques

Plating can be used to add different colors on the surfaces of metals, which can be gold, silver along with white & black Rhodium adding to the versatility & luster in a matte or glossy finish.

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We utilize CNC technology to make jewellery products with precision, which require less human interaction & leads to a small margin of error.

Different Locks - Top Pusher with Safety from below

This seamless lock, does makes sure a design isn’t interrupted, because of its top pusher. The safety is hidden under the lock and the pusher has minimal height to ensure it stays hidden. This makes the jewellery look sleek, crisp, and smooth.

Top pusher safety safety from below
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Different Locks - Top Pusher with Top safety

This is a functionally sound lock which is more durable, as it is easier to open leading to less wear and tear. This is also seamless, matching up with the visual features of the jewellery to maintain consistency and the natural progression of this enticing piece.

Different Locks - Top Pusher with Side safety

The minimum height of the pusher makes it seamless in design ensuring locking in two places for extra safety, making it a perfect fit for every day wear, as it is extremely easy to handle and use.

Top pusher safety safety from below
Top pusher safety safety from below

Different Locks - Side Pusher

This is a completely hidden lock mechanism which makes it the most sought after style in jewellery locks. It is the easiest to wear and the most durable, adding a divinely crafted look to the bangle.

Different Locks - Top Locking

This disarmingly simple, user-friendly mechanism is intelligently drafted around the key hole lock concept, where the bezel locks the bangle. The shape and size of the key hole is consistent with the key to create this resplendent piece.

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Different Locks - Wire mechanism with seamless lock

This is one of our most alluring locks yet, where individual collets are linked together with a steel/nitinol wire. This gives it an enticing, diamond-intensive look. The clandestine lock is added to make it openable and the flexible link is another technical feat, ensuring the bangle is light, desirable, and mesmerizing.

Different Locks - Top Hook Locking

This Kadi style mechanism is inspired from the historic era of locking. It is extremely user friendly & simple to use by moving it to the side it will be ready to wear. Aesthetically it also gives a vintage charm that adds to its wearability.

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Different Locks - Hollow Tube With A Tongue Lock

These flexible hollow tube bangles are a light weight and flexible finding, with a single or multiple strikingly beautiful design elements added. They have a hand made Tongue locking system makes for easy and swift functionality of the product.

Different Bangles - Spring Bangle

Spring Bangle – The most surreptitiously hidden spring mechanism is in this magnificent bangle, which opens from one side. This has a durable Opening – Closing system and is very easy to wear, with multiple castings done to ensure its fabulous flexibility

Spring bangle
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Aura Unit

Aura is a unique composite of Diamonds with an innovative type of setting, where the effect of a much bigger diamond is achieved. The perceived look of this composite is 4 times that of the actual diamond size used in the centre, it is done by using Diamond-shaped faceted beads interspaced between the diamonds. Because it’s scalable, this new technique is perfectly fashionable, but affordable, and can be used in a variety of products for a more glamorous effect.